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Race Simulators are not just for personal use.

Race Simulators can make your race school, corporate events, and trade shows
 more attractive to your customers.

Contact us at 952 856 6196 regarding WRP's Corporate program.

iRacing event trailer race simulators
F1RS2000 featured in the iRacing Event Trailer
ALMS Race Simulators
F1RS3000 used by BP Fuels for ALMS races
Panther / National Guard IndyCar Race Simulator
Panther / National Guard IndyCar Race Simulator
Race Simulators have many uses examples include, home, corporate events, trade shows, hospitality events, driver training, and race preparation.  At Wagner Race Products we are committed to providing the highest quality simulation experience.  Our chassis design is based on real world geometry.  We emulate just about any environment from Sports Car to Formula 1 with over 15 physical adjustments we can accommodate drivers from 70 to 7 on the same chassis.

Our staff is the best in the business every WRP team member comes from a racing background and includes 2 national champions.  Being part of the WRP team is not just job it's a life style. 
We believe that every customer has a unique needs, it is our job to match your needs with our broad product and service offering.  We offer customized event support, including corporate team building, trade show support, race school training programs complete with instructors, to race event hospitality programs. 
Hospitality Event Support:
We can supply single or multiple simulators for your event.  Our Simulators can run stand alone or networked allowing for head to head racing action.  Our goal is to engage the right people at your event, we target your VIP guests and sponsors.  In order to engage your clients we have the ability to create your car and racetrack allowing customers to put themselves in the action.  Many times the audience will include children as well as adults.  We can set up one simulator specifically for the kids, this will free up our high end simulator for your adult clients.
Competitions are popular at these events.  Our goal is to have winners at every level of experience and performance.  This is a great way to promote your team and team sponsors as well with special sponsor prizes.  You can also include your team and team driver in the competition.