Wagner Race Products


The WRP Story

The KS1000 Go Kart simulator has been designed as a training aid to keep drivers sharp during the off season.  We have all been in the situation where you have 2-3 weeks or more with no in-kart activity.  Living in Minnesota this became apparent to our family last year when we showed up at Daytona International Speedway for the first WKA race of the season.  Immediately it was apparent that both my son and I were out of shape, although we spent plenty of time in the gym in the off season.  Our problem was deeper and tougher to fix, it was seat time and the snow was deep. 

Our driving coach Steve Welk, Skip Barber driving instructor and experienced factory driver recommended we get out the Playstation game console and begin practicing or race lines, as well as brake and throttle timing and control.  The results were amazing both Derek and I swept our respective classes on the opening weekend at our club and imeadiatly moved up the ladder at the regional and national levels.

The idea of the KS1000 began as many others have by using what we had around the house.  So we grabbed one of our chassis and began adapting controls to it.  This proved somewhat effective although not popular with Melissa who didnít like having a large object in front of our big screen tv.  The solution, build a compact chassis with everything built in from the game console to the TV.  We also decided we needed something that was portable and self contained for our race trailer.  What we came up with was the KS1000 prototype.

The next step was to extensively test our prototype during the season using the toughest critics in the industry 5 Ė 40 year old Kart racers.  I will now apologize to all of the parents that were looking for their young racers last year only to find them in the WRP trailer.  By the end of the season we had gathered much of the data we needed to move into production.  As of this release we have several production units ready for delivery.  We have also launched our WEB site,  www.wagnerraceproducts.com where you can go to see the latest photos and find technical specifications. 

Simulators are no longer just for Pilots and Military commanders join other racers like Tony Stewart and Denny Hamlin who can be found on-line racing every week.