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rFactor Hot Keys 
F1 Steering Help                F2  Opposite Lock         F3  Brake Help          F4 Stability Control
F5 Spin Recovery               F6  Invulnerability        F7  Auto Shift           F8 Traction Control
F9 Anti-Lock Brakes           F10 Auto Pit Lane        F11 Auto Clutch        F12 Take Photo 

“ESC” key to leave track to get back to Monitor 
“INS” Key to change driver views Arrow keys to change driver seat position
“I” to have computer drive  
“P” to pause 

High End Pedals


Q. What do I need to get started sim racing?

A. At the low end you can buy a racing game and use your kids game console, Playstation, Xbox work just fine as a start.  The next step is to buy a wheel and pedal system.  After this you will find it very difficult to use the wheel without  some sort of mounting surface.  The best solution is to buy a chassis for your wheel.  If your goal is to join on-line gaming then read on.

Q. What type of games are out there?

A.  The best games that I have found are Forza, Grand Tourismo 4, TOCA Race Driver 3 for all platforms, and rFactor for PC.  The PC versions are the best due to the fact you can get free upgrades and what they call "Mods".

Q. What on-line games do you recommend?

A. We use iRacing.com and rFactor.net for PC's.

Q. What type of PC do I need?

A. This varies however like all high performance games you need a high end PC.  You will need a 2 ghz or better processor, 1 mg memory, graphics card with DDR3 memory, 100g hard drive.  Check out the rFactor web site for more information.  You can expect to spend at least $1000 on a PC.

Q. What Simulator Chassis should I buy?

A. That depends on your budget and knowledge.  We have basic chassis that will require you to attach your own components like steering wheels, pedals and shifters.  If you don't have mechanical aptitude or time we have a full turn key package available with software installed, plug into the wall and run.